The Divehouse was built in 2008 on the southwest point of Iloilo City in front of Nogas Island, Anini-y, Antique Province, Philippines by Boy Saldana who has been diving these reefs for more than over 30 years and thousands of dives under his belt with a little help from his dive buddies, PADI Instructors and PADI Divemasters. Our friendly buddies have many years of diving in the Philippines and know most of Panay’s submerged reefs and fauna intimately. Our local knowledge will ensure that beginners and expert divers alike will have a rewarding underwater experience. Divehouse owns and operates three custom built dive boats, If you are looking to become a certified diver we are one of the few fully accredited PADI Centre in Iloilo City and as such adhere to strict teaching and safety standards. Become A PADI Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver, start by taking the plunge in the world’s largest swimming pool, where from day one you will be amazed by intriguing marine critters. Continue your training with the latest multi-media teaching materials in the comfort of our native style classroom.

The Divehouse has always been involved with every project undertaken on Nogas Island to protect, preserve and clean up the underwater environment.  At the moment our staffs is responsible for maintaining the mooring buoys on all of the dive sites around Nogas Island and putting out new ones. We are not paid to do this but volunteer our own time and work because we care and believe in doing our part so that future generations might enjoy what we have.

As Dive Professionals we spend extra time and work hard to teach our students good buoyancy skills to avoid them accidentally damaging the reef. While guiding certified divers we will attempt to correct bad diving habits especially where the reef or marine life may suffer. None of our staff wear gloves and we recommend our divers to follow this example.

Finally we are the only dive facility here on Anini-y that DOES NOT FEED THE FISH. Fish feeding is against our diving philosophy. It ingrains unnatural behaviour in the animals, alters their diet and even makes them sick. Would you take cookies to Africa to feed the lions? Of course not; so why feed unnatural foods to the fish?